Certificate in Professional Brewing Science

The mission of the Professional Brewing Science Certificate program is to provide the student with the foundational knowledge and hands-on training in practical brewing for the attainment of successful employment in the brewing profession.

Students will spend time in brewing facilities in order to supplement classwork with application.

Applicants to the major must successfully complete the first quarter foundational science/math courses with a grade of C or better. Student may apply to the major rotation, but admission will not be made before grades are available for the first quarter foundational courses.

Graduates of this program of study will:

  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the steps in the brewing process to include: grain-handling; malt analysis; yeast and fermentation processes; raw materials and wort production; beer production and quality control; packaging processes; and flavor production;
  2. Demonstrate the ability to utilize brewhouse facilities and brewing equipment;
  3. Analyze research and current techniques in brewing industry literature;
  4. Analyze and evaluate business concepts of the brewing industry and the day-to-day activities involved with the operation of a solvent brewing facility.

Length: 40 quarter credit hours (3 quarters)

Lab and Clinical Breakdown: Certain classes will rely on campus lab activities, while others will involve up practice in a partnering brewing facility. All students will complete a total of 60 hours of externship in area breweries over the course of the program. There, students will become familiar with CIP (clean-in-place) procedures, recipe development and beer production, quality control methodologies, packaging, and much more.

Each student will complete a business plan in the field of brewing, and will complete a cornerstone research project on an existing business, of their choice, in the field of brewing.


The Professional Brewing Science program at South College provided me with hands-on brewing experience and taught me the skills I need to pursue a professional career in a production brewery.

-          Jeff Larsen, Materials Handler / New Belgium (Summer, 2015)

I am still finding that my experience with the PBS program has proven to be immeasurable. The mixture of my ever-growing experience and the detailed curriculum has fast-tracked my career tremendously. Making the decision to attend South College to jump-start my career with a proper educational background has been invaluable. My team at work constantly turns to me for help or explanations, and I have been able to implement some changes I felt [were] necessary.

-          Jacob Dunaway, Cellarman / Aspen Brewing Company (Summer, 2016)

Thanks to all the hands-on training I received from South College I have been able to quickly move up in the brewery. The staff were all knowledgeable and very helpful and for me that really helped make the difference.

Jacob Dunaway, Cellarman / Aspen Brewing Company (Summer, 2016)

-          Sean Felosa, Brewer/Cellarman / Wicked Weed (Summer, 2015)

The Professional Brewing Science program opened new and exciting doors for the girl who thought at first they were speaking another language. I have come a long way thanks to South College.

-          Kristey Hammond, Tasting Room/Cellarwoman / French Broad Brewery (Summer 2015)

South College was my gateway into an exciting field with better rewards than a day-to-day corporate retail management job. That has led me to wake up each day with a smile. I see even more great opportunities coming soon.

-          Wendel Bowen, Assistant Brewer / French Broad Brewery (Fall, 2015)

Wendel Bowen, Assistant Brewer / French Broad Brewery (Fall, 2015)


Advance your career by earning a certificate.


Experience hands-on learning outside the classroom in professional practice experiences.


Excel in the exciting brewing industry.

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